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Almost everyone has heard of the twelve steps, which have transformed the lives of millions of alcoholics and addicts, bringing them healing and purpose. No wonder the twelve steps are the basis of more than forty self-help groups. But how can you harness the power of those steps if you don’t have “a problem”? What if the dissatisfaction in your life can’t be traced to any specific behavior or substance, yet you still find yourself suffering from a sense of dis-ease?

Then this book is for you! It’s for anyone who feels weighed down by anger, resentment, worry or fear. For anyone who knows they’re not being their best self but who can’t figure out how to do better. For anyone who wants to harness the power of the twelve steps, regardless of how they identify.

Including eight stories by people who’ve recovered from a variety of conditions, this self-help guide presents a thorough and comprehensive look at how to work the twelve steps. Do you need a recovery? Only you can decide if you’re tired enough of your current way of life to put the effort into changing it.

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Twelve Steps for Your Non-Addicted Life is now available in audio! 

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